Francois Weber

Francois Weber

As seen on Winnipeg Comedy Fest, Halifax Comedy Fest, Sudbury Ont LOL Comedy Fest, CBC’s The Debaters, CBC’s Laugh Out Loud, Gerry Dee’s Maritime Tour and more.

Festival Schedule:

Friday, October 20, 2017
Comedian’s Guide to Survival | The KV Premiere! (Host)
KV High School Theatre – $10
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Friday, October 20, 2017
Roast Battle Championship
KV Billiards – $15
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Saturday, October 21, 2017
Comedy with Balls Laughiversary
KV Billiards – $15
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Award-winning stand-up comedian, actor and playwright, François Weber has appeared at the CBC’s Winnipeg and Halifax Comedy Festivals, and most recently on The Debaters.

Other noteworthy performances include: The Hubcap Comedy Festival in Moncton, New Brunswick, The LOL Comedy Festival in Sudbury, Ontario, The Charlottetown Festival, Comic Vision, and numerous touring theatre concert engagements with Gerry Dee.

His energetic story telling style strikes a chord with young and old, whether he performs at a corporate, convention or at a comedy festival.

Francois is originally from Northern Ontario, however, presently calls Prince Edward Island home. Growing up in a bilingual family, he is fortunate to have the ability to perform in both English and French.

Being a full time high school teacher, he can also deliver a keynote speech for teacher conventions entitled “Slow Down and Smell the Classroom”.


Weber’s act was both classy and fun. His interaction with the audience and his quick wit were a winning combination as the laughter was louder then the clapping. – The Buzz, Aug ’10

I really like this guy! He’s nice and he’s funny too! – Gerry Dee, Star of CBC’s Mr. D

He’s really funny. Just a ball of energy!” – Nikki Payne, NBC’s Last Comic Standing

You rocked! You were energetic with your material, you connected with the crowd and you grabbed them. – Kim Hendrickson, Ha!ifax Comedy Fest Executive Producer

Weber launched into an energetic lamentation about his wimpy French name that never helped him in childhood fights and then addressed his Mr. Clean-inspired hairdo…Weber contorted his body and face to place more emphasis on his jokes, demonstrating his acting abilities. – The Buzz, Aug ‘07

The brightest light in this madcap evening is Francois Weber…(he) bobs and weaves his way through more one-liners than Henny Youngman and dishes doublespeak like veteran comic Norm Crosby. – The Guardian, Doug Gallant

I absolutely adore your comedy… You’re amongst our new favorites. Keep up the great work! – Marie-France Theriault, HaHa Comedy Promotions